Southern Vintage Race Car Nationals
                       March 17 and 18, 2017
       Held at Dillon Speedway in Dillon, South Carolina


 Dillon Motor is a 4/10 mile pavement track that was resurrected from the brush in 2006. The speedway is located in Dillon South Carolina just 1/4 mile off of Interstate 95. Take Exit 193  and go west towards Bennetsville. The track is one block from the Dillon Airport. Very easy access from I-95 and Easy to find! It is just seven minutes south of the world famous South of the Border attraction at the North Carolina /South Carolina border!

Trophys will be provided by
MSC Equipment  again This year!

Track photographer Jimmy Disdale will be at the track on Saturday. be sure to get with him to save your event memories in pictures.
Modern Vintage Modified
Vintage Modified
Vintage Sportsman Pre 1982 Late Model Sportsman or any original documented 30 year old racecar!
Vintage Limited Sportsman Stock clips and v-8with 2 barrel carbs 10 inch tires and 6 cyl Stock cars
Six Cylinder Modified
Flathead Ford V-8
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The Fourth Annual Southern Vintage Race Car Nationals held on March 17-19 2017 is History! The Friday fun day was a Blast and all who attended had a great time. The sun was shining and a bunch of vintage cars took laps at the Dillon Speedway from 12 noon till approximately 6 pm. The day had a couple small instance which saw some bent race cars! Lonnie Parker lost the handle on his brand new 38 Chevy Coupe modified and kissed the turn 3 wall breaking a spindal and some other suspension parts. Hutch Webb and his brand new 1966 Chevelle had a tire issue that provoked a visit to the 4th turn wall also. Hutch’s brand new car suffered extensive front end damage ending his weekend as well! Two car broke motors on Friday as well. The 1955 Chevy of Tony Pound lost a motor and the 1965 Mustang modified of Mack Tatum experiences some kind of engine part failure.   Hundreds of laps were turned by the cars in attendance. There was no dought who ran the most laps on Friday and that would be the 1966 Falcon Driven by Susan Kimmel. They worked fearlessly on their chassis getting the little falcon faster and faster!
Everyone went to the motels dreaming of green flags for Saturday morning but it would not be. Mother nature blew the rain and storm in killing the day on Saturday. Event organizer Mack Tatum made the call at 730 am on Saturday morning to pull the plug and bring them all back the next day , Sunday March 19 as the forecast for Sunday was Beautiful!! Hopefully organizers turned the guys around early enough to save expenses! Knowing several people couldn’t be there on Sunday and hoping many would stick around the decision was made in the best interest of all involved. It was the right decision because the rain came and a big thunderstorm rocked the track Saturday afternoon! 
Sunday morning the sunrise was crisp and clear and by 9 am many cars had returned to the track to participate in a great event! We had several photographers there shooting film all weekend. Official photographer Jimmy Disdale took many pictures of everything all weekend long. Mike Slade was there shooting pictures for several potential magazines and one of the coolest things going on was John Gerstner was there taking pictures and putting them on metal license plates! They were awesome!
Jimmy Disdale 803-397-7282
John Gerstner 813-748-5037
Call these guys if you need some stuff!
Well, a drivers meeting was held, open practice began and lineups were made. Every club in attendance was given there promised event. They were!
Southern Ground Pounders
Carolina Vintage
 Bell and Bell
Palmetto vintage racers
East coast Flathead Fords
South Carolina Dirt Cars! And a lone DAARA Member from Canada!
Lineups for races were organized and a couple blended races were setup! The race order was:
Southern Ground Pounders Club 20 laps
Bell and Bell Combined with the Palmetto vintage racers 20 laps
East Coast Flat head fords   20 laps
Carolina Vintage 20 laps
The Mini Cups 20 laps
Then the last two events were the National Championship Sportsman and Modified races each 30 laps
The SGP race lineup was as follows.
1.    Rodney Dye  34 Ford Coach #9
2.    Christy Jeffers 35 Ford #02
3.    Dennis Bond 55 ford sedan #55
4.    Jerry Jeffries 356 Dodge #81
5.    Mack Tatum 68 Nova #0
6.    Jay Royal 41 Packard #1
7.    Todd Langdon 69 Olds #78
8.    James Turner 65 Comet #51
9.    Jeff Melton 66 Mustang #6
10. Lonnie Parker 38 coupe#72 
The race saw green and it didn’t take long for Rodney dye to jump out to the lead. Jeff Melton and Todd Langdon were coming through the field. Mack Tatum and Christy Jeffers both spun on Lap one on the front stretch almost simultaneously. The restart saw the leaders take off. Dye Melton and Langdon. Dye would lose his handel and bounce off the inside rear straight away ending his day. It appeared a j-bar mount broke! Restart #2 and they would go caution free to the end seeing Meltons #6 Mustang lead Langdon’s Oldsmobile and the modified of Royal to the line. Melton got the Sportsman win and Jay Royal collected a Modified win.
The next race was a combined group of the Bell and Bell cars and the Palmetto vintage racers. The lineup was
1.    Sherman Garris 34 Chevy Coupe #9
2.    Don Bryant 38 dodge #2
3.    Jay Smith 36 Chevy #27
4.    W.C. Bell 39 Pontiac #39
5.    Kyle Bell 36 Ford #38
6.    Shirley Mordene  36 Chevy #A-1
7.    Kenneth Deese 68 Nova #3
8.    Jay Royal 41 Packard #1
Green flag saw a combined field roll off with the faster cars of Kenneth Deese and Jay Royal quickly get to the front! A single caution for the Packard of Royal spinning out would only briefly slow the event! Kenneth deese would win overall and then see Sherman Garris and Kyle Bell win in class races!
The third race was the East Coast Flathead Fords. The lineup was
1.    Bill Smith 41 Ford #8
2.    Bob Reavis 38 ford #18
3.    Richard Wikle 40 ford #14
4.    Johnny Johnson 37 Ford #99
5.    Gene Andrews #4
The Flathead race was caution free! With wheel to wheel old school racing! The #99 Of Johnson would take the win with #18 of Bob Reavis collecting the other division win!
The Carolina Vintage would lineup next.
1. Tony Hagler 60 Falcon #17
2. Susan Kimmel 66 Falcon #67
3. Danny Toney 65 chevelle #28
4. Bubba Farmer 68 Nova #0
This event ran without a hitch! 20 laps caution free with the cars of Susan Kimmel and Danny Toney leading the way to the checkers! Susan and the Falco Six cyl took the win!
There were several other awards besides trophy’s that were handed out. The Best Appearing Sportsman car went to the Beautiful Blue Falcon #17 of Tony Hagler. The Best Appearing Modified car was awarded to the 1939 Pontiac coupe of W.C. Bell. Congrats to those fellows for bringing their Beautiful cars!
There were also over $400 in Door prizes given out to 8 Lucky blind draw winners! Rest assured they got the cash. Names withheld to protect them from the significant others!
The two big national championship events were then held after a 20 lap minicup race!
The Modified National Championship race was a barn burner! Lineup was as follows
1.    Jerry Jefferies #81
2.    Christy Jeffers #02
3.    Jay Royal #1
4.    Dan Bryant #2
5.    Jay Smith #27
6.    Richard Wikle #14
7.    Johnny Johnson #99
8.    W.C. Bell #39
9.    Kyle Bell #38
10.Shirley Mordene #A-1
This event was for all the Marbles! A four foot trophy and bragging rights for a National Championship. Thirty laps of racing that had everyone on there feet. The little black coupe #81 of Jeffries and the #1 Royal raced nose to tail swapping the lead several times during the race. The Black dodge coupe of Jerry Jeffries held on for a very popular win outrunning Kristy Jeffers in the red #02 and the certainly faster car  that couldn’t get the job done this day of Jay Royal who spun out vying for the lead!  The other cars were racing wheel to wheel all over the track! WOW ! What a great race! And a great victory lane celebration by the Whole SGP Crowd for Jerry. A well deserved Victory! Not only did Jerry Win the race but his car won the random draw raffle for the national race winning a large raffle cash prize!
The Sportsman National Was lined up as soon as the mods finished!
1.    Todd Langdon #78
2.     Mack Tatum #0
3.    Susan Kimmel #67
4.    Jeff Melton #6
5.    Tony Hagler #17
6.    Danny Toney #28
7.    James Turner #51
8.    Dennis Bond #55
The National Ran Caution free. Todd Langdon and his Olds lead a good portion of the race with Kimmel and Melton following a close second and third with Tatum and Toney giving chase!  The top three put on a helluva race by anyone’s standards and eventually Meltons Mustang Got to the lead and held off the Powerful Six cyl of Susan Kimmel in the falcon. Langdon and a tire issue and fell back a few lengths. The rest of the field was racing all to themselves! Melton would collect the checkers for the second time in the history of the event but make no mistake…. A six cyl ford was giving him a fit!
The raffle money for the Sportsman portion of the event ws won by Todd Langdon! The guy who never wins anything like that!
A couple more awards were handed out during the weekend called the hard luck awards. Shirley Mordene got one for a hard hit to the wall, Lonnie Parker and Hutch webb got the other two for their crunching moments with the fence!
A huge thank you goes out to the Barfield Family Ron Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. B for allowing this event to take place at this facility.
Without a few other people this event could not take Place. Bill Alley at MSC equipment in Oilville Va graciously donated the trophies and Old Dominion Brush Company, ODB in Richmond va also donated door prizes to this event and sponsored the raffles! Hats off to those Companies and people!
Lastly the SVRCN crew needs to be recognized. Mack Tatum, Pam Tatum, Ray Fields, Anita Fields, Dennis Bond Carlton Sharpe and the whole track crew of Dillon Speedway!
Without the Vintage racers who supported this event this will not happen. THANK YOU
The next big vintage opportunity to race on a grand scale will be the Carolina Virginia Vintage Invitational at East Carolina Speedway on April 28-29 with a rain date of April 30. Friday is fun day from 12 noon till dusk and regular racing on Saturday. This is an all vintage event for vintage clubs to showcase their cars. this will be a paying event for vintage cars. Every car will receive the same pay just for participating!  For More Information Contact Mack Tatum 804-338-9065


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